I am pleased to introduce Sienna...



Here is a sweet girl bear dressed in fall colors. Her name is Sienna and she was created from plush synthetic in a gorgeous rusty brown color which inspired her name. She measures 15" from the top of her head to the bottoms of her feet. When seated she measures just 10" high.


Sienna wears a lovely ruff in fall colors of olive green, purple, cream, and tan with splashes of gold glitter accents. I finished the edges with a narrow rolled hem done in matching olive green thread and set it atop a double layer of ivory tulle. A natural jute ribbon headband circles her head and ties in a bow just at her ear while a flourish bronze victorian style key dangles from a leather cord around her neck.


I added subtle shading to her needle and scissor sculpted face as well as her inner ears. She has premium German glass eyes which I hand painted in a deep shade of green with luminous copper sparkles to catch the light. Her big beautiful eyes are set atop a white eye base.

Sienna has bent arms and straight legs. Her arms have wire armature so she can hold soft poses. Her front and rear paw pads are applique trapunto-sculpted in a chestnut colored europa suede and lightly shaded.

She is 5-way disc and locknut jointed and filled with a combination of polyfill and pellets for a nice weighted feel. Her nose is hand-embroidered using German perle cotton.

Sienna is a one-of-a-kind BrendaBears creation. She will come with a tush tag and signed hang tag as proof of authenticity. This is a collectible bear and not suitable for children.

Thanks Karen!

~ Sienna will be making her home in ND ~




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